MEARFEST (Brian Mear) 

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BI've been working flat out since Mearfest South in a job that is relentless and combined with a very active two year old time has been at a premium. With the steady growth of Mearfest over the past year i'm lucky to recieve band CD's to review and to consider playing for us.

First up tonight is a band not known to me Tensile sent in by the affable Damon Russell
Tensile hail from Tamworth and I know Damon played in our favourite band from that area Chemikill 

I'm residing in Mearfest shed HQ with a couple of IPA'S and blue at the end of the bed
Let's begin....

The self titled album is a corker
First impression of the CD the sheer quality of the artwork, layout and the CD itself draws you in. Yes this is something very special
Ten tracks of Classic British Metal I'm getting the riffs of " Ride the lightning" era Metalica Superb song structure. Catchy as hell and the musicianship is phenomenal
This has a real Classic 80s sound to it and yes it's right up my street having a real NWOBHM feel to the whole album

The Guitar playing by Matt T is incredible. It's hard to believe this is a power trio and not a four or even five piece set up. The sound is rich and full, Superb flawless drumming by Dave Timms,  Damo Russell has a great Metal voice combined with his thunderous bass.

This is a hard album to pigeon hole as there are a lot of different elements here
There's a hint of punk, doom and thrash here all combining in the furnace to become an incredibly strong Metal force to be reckoned with. 
With stand out tracks " Devils Advocate" "Together forever " and "Valhalla Ride"
Tensile are as strong in their songs as their name implies.

A Brilliant album 
Please check this band out and I'm off to see if they can play for us next Summer
Tensile... Strong and Stable. 9/10